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Holiday Parties

December 13th, 2011

It is that time of year and Holiday Parties are in full swing. If you are organizing a Holiday Party, just remember that alcohol can be a deadly enemy. Drinking and driving, misbehavior and alcohol overindulgence are problems which very often need to be dealt with after the Holiday Party is over. There can be tragic consequences. A little planning can go a long way in avoiding these issues and the resulting impact on the workplace.

Some tips to keep everyone safe;

1. Avoid subsidizing or providing free Alcohol.

2. Do subsidize or provide free food.

3. Have events ‘off Company property’ or seek Special Event Insurance if the party is on-site.

4. Early evening events are best for Safety.

5. Inviting Partners is a good idea.

6. For evening events, provide transportation…taxis are a great idea in populated areas. Find alternative transport for less populated areas.

7. As an organizer you need to monitor the party to ensure that nobody embarrasses themselves or someone else. This needs to be taken seriously and an appropriate number of ‘gentle monitors’ need to be in place. A Holiday Party needs to be fun for everyone.

Organization of a Holiday Party is a serious matter and needs to managed carefully to avoid embarrassment and tragedy.

Please consult with your HRO HR Manager and let’s have a great Holiday Season and even better 2012.

Happy Holidays to our Clients and Friends