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June 28th, 2013

Executive Coaches provide a variety of Service to varying degrees of Quality and Effectiveness.   The key element in looking at an Executive Coach is the Qualification, Experience and Life Successes of the Coach.  There are many charlatans masquerading as Executive Coaches; some with great Academic Credentials (and not an ounce of common sense or experience of the real world) and some who have little in the way of Formal Training and are more like ‘snake charmers’ or ‘confidence men’ (no gender bias here).

So when you need an Executive Coach; which any effective Executive has or should have, you need to look carefully at the academic and life experience of the Coach and also look at Business  Success in his/her  life.

The old saying ‘those who can, do and those who cannot, teach’ is not true as it related to Executive Coaching.  There are many Executive Coaches out there who have the Background and Experience to help you on the path to even greater success.

The correct methodology in any Executive Coaching process is for the Coach to identify the areas of strength in the mentee and then analyze these strengths in terms of individual components.

Once this is completed, the Coach will do the same with areas of weakness.  The  Coach should prepare a ‘Effectiveness Map’ and prepare a set of ‘tools’ to get the end point on the Map.  Sounds very simple, and it is.  The critical ingredient is the Skill, Knowledge and Life Success  of the Coach.

Effective Managers and Executives  can achieve greater success and effectiveness by engaging the services of an Executive Coach.  Talk to HRO about the Executive Coaching Service we provide, and reach even greater levels of success in your current position or acquire the skills to reach you next position.