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Healthcare Reform Update

January 21st, 2014

When you put lipstick on a Pig it still is a Pig

Yes you can keep your current Health Plan
Many plans have already been cancelled and more will be cancelled at renewal 

Statistic on Success
Almost 80% of consumers selecting an Exchange Plan qualified for some form of Federal subsidy.
70% of consumers selecting an Exchange plan were 35 or older


Success for the Obama regime and increases in costs for the working population who are not receiving Federal or State Welfare Benefits.

Those who have Employer Sponsored Health Plans will receive cost increases to cover the new entrants to the Health System via Health Care Reform. Small, mid and large business are not happy.

HRO can customize your Health Plan to counteract the increase cost levied by Healthcare Reform.

How do you protect your employees and control your Health Costs?  What do you need to know about Health Care Reform?

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